Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pregnancy Update--Week 24

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along:  24 Weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  9 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Yep...lovin' the elastic waistband.
Best Moment this week:  Hearing Grace refer to the baby by his first name  (Well, his tentative first name...but it may have to stick because she won't call him anything else!)
Gender: It's a boy!  And he doesn't have a name yet!

Movement:  Yes!  And I love it because it's not at the point where it's really painful or uncomfortable!
Food Craving: Just food in general...
What I miss:  Sleeping on my belly and sleeping through the night!  Oh yeah, and my waistline!
Sleep:  I am having really strange dreams.  They always involve people I know, and somehow, they always involve people I'd prefer not to dream about!  (To set the record straight...they do not involve anyone who is dear to me!  If you are in the phonebook of my cell phone, then it's NOT you! Hehehe!)
What I am looking forward to:  Making a firm decision on his name
Belly Button:  In.  It's never popped "out."  It just kinda becomes "flat."
Symptoms:  I feel great!  Just a little bit extra tired, but that's about it!  I had a lot of back problems with Carter though throughout the second half of the pregnancy, and it seems like that must go with the territory of having a boy because I've noticed the past few days that my back is hurting pretty badly by the end of the day.

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