Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We're (still) Pregnant!

OK, so we have had a baby within the past year (and he'll be one-year-old a week from today!), but we are pregnant again!  In fact, I was seventeen weeks along as of yesterday, so we're pretty close to being halfway there!  And yes, each pregnancy has been considerably more difficult than the one before, probably because the end result of a pregnancy is a new child! 

We are due on August 23, 2010, and we could not have chosen (although this pregnancy, like all of the others, was not planned at all) poorer timing!  It's the first day of school for LCISD, and I'm just hoping and praying that my mom will get to be involved with everything!  Cross your fingers that she'll retire!

Also, like all of our previous pregnancies, I don't have any hunches regarding the gender of our baby.  BUT, I'm relieved to say that while we don't have any hunches, we also don't have any preferences...good thing, huh!  We used up the only two names that we could agree on (we'd had them chosen before we were ever married!), and so we're having some trouble coming up with names for this one.

I'll be posting more within the next week, and I'm working on getting brave enough to offer an explanation (although I don't feel that I owe one) as to how we are very successful at being fruitful and multiplying!  And be expecting at least one really good post with lots of pics to celebrate my boy's first birthday!