Saturday, July 10, 2010

Carter's First Birthday (Only 2 1/2 Months Late!)

Slowly but surely I want to try to catch up on our life's happenings over the past few months.  I really want to find a more regular time to blog, even if it's just once a week.  I love writing, and I know that blogging is a great way to keep in touch with our friends and family both near and far.

On March 23rd, our best guy turned one year old!  He completely melted his mommy's heart over the first year of his life.  I said over and over again in the months leading up to his birth that I was so afraid that he'd become a momma's boy because we all know what kind of connotation that brings...!  Well, I take that back and have no problems with my little momma's boy!  (Besides, he's starting to show more and more of a connection to his daddy, so I know this stage won't last forever...)

We had a small party with a few friends and family at my parents' house.  Of course it was a rodeo theme to match his nursery.

The birthday boy!

Carter's birthday banner that I made on my Cricut that Carter's daddy got me for Christmas!

Table centerpieces

Grace's play house that she decorated with crepe paper!  So cute and funny!

Here are a few of the memorable gifts...NOT that they weren't all memorable, but these just really stuck out as I was going back through the pictures.

Shortly after his birthday, he learned the word "ball," and now he yells "Baaaaaallll!" every time he throws it.

His big friend Mandy bought him these aviator glasses, and yes, he is even more adorable in person in them.

His grandma made him these book of all different modes of transportation.

Grace and her BFF, Tori

Below are a few pictures from the hayride which was, of course, a hit again.

The rest of the party consisted of a little of this...

And this...

And then the best part...a WHOLE LOTTA this!

Not quite sure what to this whole thing for me, Momma?

Yes, Sweet Boy!  That WHOLE THING is for you!

(So glad we stripped him down for that excitement!)

And ironically, tomorrow we celebrate Grace's 3rd birthday!  I'm having a hard time learning how to reign in birthday parties, so this time we really are only celebrating with our immediate family!  I've also learned that there will be plenty of appropriate times when we can have a big fiesta, but that time is not this year when it's the middle of July, and the party planner is in the middle of her third trimester!